1968 Wiley V-Drive 454 Big Block Drag Boat

Whoever dreamt this monster up was certainly a speed demon. This 1968 Wiley v-drive is powered by a 454 cubic inch big block motor and doesn’t make any mention of horsepower, but one can assume it’s adequate as the owner claims a top speed in excess of 80 MPH. It’s nice to see a boat like this set up with a prop vs. more common jet drive. The fiberglass appears nearly perfect as does the interior. With two forward facing seats and two rear, you can even bring friends. Make sure your insurance policy is up to date as arms, legs, fingers and toes will be inches away from the driveshaft and engine pulleys in the rear facing seats. Find it on eBay with a reserve in Pompano Beach, Florida with a $1,000 starting bid.

1968 Wiley Dragboat
A nice, clean, low-slung hull in yellow makes this a nice looking boat. Make sure your bilge is operational – this is certainly a lowrider on the waterline.
1968 Wiley 454 Cubic Inch Big Block Engine
Powered by a 454 cubic inch big block, getting the prop to spin on this v-drive shouldn’t be a problem.
1968 Wiley Drag Boat Chrome Trim Tabs
The chromed-out trim tabs (or plate in this case) is typical to the rest of the boat’s finish.

1956 Hacker Craft Overnighter – Restored

Said to be 1 of 25 and the only one still in existence, this Hacker Craft is certainly rare – though rare and desirable are two different things. Powered by a Gray Marine Fireball, this 131hp, 23-foot monster probably has trouble getting out of its own wake. The photos and description make this deep-hulled wooden timepiece out to be a nice cruiser. It should have a certain appeal that to the right buyer on the right body of water. Currently listed at $44,500 Buy It Now or make offer in Clayton, New York.

1956 Hacker Craft Overnighter
This vintage Hacker Craft is most likely named the “Overnighter” as that’s how long it will most likely take you to get anywhere.
1956 Hacker Craft Overnighter
Claimed to be the only one still in existence, this old wooden Hacker Craft appears to be a nicely restored driver.
1956 Hacker Craft Interior
The Hacker Craft interior is nicely restored and offers a full cuddy cabin.

1970 Correct Craft Barracuda Ski Boat

The coolest name for the ugliest Correct Craft – this 1970 Barracuda in Merideth, New Hampshire offers little in terms of description and seems to be a few thousand dollars overpriced at $7,500 with no reserve. It provides a good photo documentation but no mention of the drivetrain or overall condition of the fiberglass in the description. Nonetheless, if you’re after a Barracuda a $4,000 offer should be considered by the seller as fair.

1970 Correct Craft Barracuda
The original navy blue hull on this 1970 Correct Craft Barracuda appears to show well for its age.
1970 Correct Craft Barracuda Classic Inboard Ski Boat
With V8 power this inboard is a good cruiser or ski boat – typically pushing out more than 200 horsepower from the factory.
1970 Correct Craft Barracuda Interior
The interior appears to be in original condition – too bad the owner fails to mention the engine hours because the minimal wear would suggest them to be low.

1970 Boston Whaler Nauset

This classic Whaler has well-documented photos and a very good description. Powered by a 115hp Mercury with a mismatched 90hp cowling this 17′ Boston Whaler should zip pretty good. The original mahogany interior looks to be in very nice condition. Find it here at $7,500 firm on Craig’s List in Minneapolis.

1970 Boston Whaler Nauset
The exterior hull was said to have been “repainted” vs. gelled but still presents well.
1970 Boston Whaler Nauset
The interior is still in it’s original blue gelcoat with cracking, chips and holes consistent with a nearly 50 year old Boston Whaler.
1970 Boston Whaler Nauset Mahonay Console
The mahogany console and benches look very nice in this classic 17′ Boston Whaler Nauset.


1954 Fully Restored Chris-Craft 18′ Riviera

Another boat owner who doesn’t share much information, but judging by the photos this 1954 Chris-Craft Riviera looks to need nothing. Description states the wooden classic is powered by a KBL inline 6 cylinder with no mention of originality or rebuilding. If the quality of the rest of the boat is an example, the driveline should be solid as well. If I were closer to Orange, California I’d surely be bidding on this boat where it currently sits at $30,000 with the reserve not met.

1954 Chris-Craft 18' Riviera
Beautifully restored classic Chris-Craft Riviera looks to be either show or water ready.
1954 Chris-Craft RivieraTrailer
Forget the boat, I want the trailer. Wide whites, period hubcaps, beautiful paint and decking completes a very nice looking rig.
1954 Chris-Craft Riviera Interior
Interior upholstery, brightwork and gauges all look to be very nicely done.

1959 Crosby Fiberglass Boat – Mercury 700 Tower of Power

This fiberglass 1959 Crosby Fish and Ski boat seems to be begging for a restoration. The engine, a classic Mercury 700 6-cylinder tower of power, is said to have compression and turn over. Hull is stated to be solid, so with a little elbow grease and an interior this would be a solid summer fiberglass cruiser. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, bidding starts at only $399 with no reserve.

1959 Crosby Fiberglass Fish & Ski
The whole package, boat, motor and trailer is said to be a “field find” in Indianapolis.
1959 Crosby Fish & Ski Boat
The hardware on this boat is period and would be a great addition to any vintage boat. Are the parts worth more than the whole?
Mercury 700 Vintage Tower of Power
The Mercury 700 outboard engine, said to have good compression and turn over might be worth an offer.

1948 Offenhauser Flat 8 Powered Sudlow Hydroplane

I would buy this boat just to make that Offenhauser flathead 8 into my coffee table. The manifold and heads are a work of art. The listing provides very few details other than it was manufactured in Indiana in 1948 and has had at least one hull cover up. Head to Waunakee, Wisconsin and pick this beauty up with an $11,900 buy it now or make offer.

1948 Sudlow Hydroplane Cockpit
I would love to know what that flathead sounds like sitting 24 inches behind while it’s spitting gas in your face.
1948 Offenhauser Flathead 8 Cylinder Marine Engine
Fit for a museum, or simply a my living room. This vintage Offenhauser 8 cylinder flathead engine is a rare find more suited to hot rods than marine applications.
1948 Sudlow Hydroplane - Offenhauser Powered
The red & white is a re-do but seems a lot more fitting than the original black and gold. No matter what the hull wears, the Offenhauser steals the show.

1953 Chris-Craft Utility Wooden Boat

This 1953 Chris-Craft could be a decent restoration candidate or starter boat for a first-time wooden buyer. In need of a little attention, the seller describes some problems that might need more TLC than noted. Looks to have the original flathead 6 cylinder Hercules engine that has a little “crankcase smoke” per the seller. Pictures show it on a trailer and this boat is currently at $9,300 with the reserve not met on eBay in Thomson, Georgia.

1953 Chris-Craft wooden utility runabout.
1953 Chris-Craft wooden utility runabout.
1953 Chris Craft Hercules 6 Cylinder Boat Engine
1953 Chris-Craft Hercules 6 cylinder boat engine. It’s said to be a “smoker” by the current owner.
1953 Chris-Craft Utility Interior
1953 Chris-Craft utility boat interior – said to have new wiring and gauges.

2012 Custom Rascal Runabout Plywood Boat

The Rascal is a 15.5-foot homebuilt runabout with sporty-sweet lines in need of a powerplant with just as much style as the hull. The Mercury 60 horsepower 2-stroke wouldn’t be missed if replaced with a reliable vintage powerplant of comparable horsepower. Can you say Mercury tower of power? With a plywood hull the boat claims to need little maintenance and is in near-perfect condition. This boat was featured on eBay over the past week where it failed to sell and was offered with a $24,500 Buy it Now in Guilford, Connecticut.

2012 Rascal Homebuilt Racing Runabout Boat
The 2012 Rascal has speedy lines and an attractive hull color. (Photo eBay)
2012 Rascal Homebuilt Racing Runabout Boat 60hp Mercury Outboard
This homebuilt racer would be far more attractive with a vintage Johnson or Evinrude outboard. (Photo eBay)
2012 Rascal Homebuilt Racing Runabout Boat Cockpit
The cockpit appears clean, functional and retro. (Photo eBay)