1962 Red Fish Shark

One fish, two fish, Red Fish Shark. It’s a 1962 Red Fish Shark. This Shark looks a lot like the 1958 Glastron Seaflite we posted a few days ago, with the fins and a similar side profile, but the Red Fish has a much better bow lines. The bow and the deep blue/black color give the boat its menacing – in a kitschy sort of way – shark vibe. The boat underwent a home restoration a few years ago and is clean inside and out. The Mercury 500 might needs a tune-up, but this is a nice complete boat that epitomizes its era. This 1962 Red Fish Shark is located in Chariton, Iowa, where the corn grows tall. Buy It Now for $3,800.

1962 Red Fish Shark 1
Seven feet of fins, thats what you’ll get with this 1962 Red Fish Shark.
1962 Red Fish Shark 2
You can almost hear the Jaws theme when you look at the front of this Shark.

1987 Talon 21

This huil looks like something from Star Wars. The listing for this 1987 Talon 21 includes my favorite boat-buying cautionary note ever: Buyer will need knowledge of aircraft turbines and hydraulics to safely complete and operate this boat. This hull was custom made at the Talon factory in 1987 and was purpose-built for the turbine motor. This was an experimental project. The goal was to make a turbine driven boat driveable at all speeds. (especially low speeds). The turbine is an Allison 250 C18 from a bell helicopter. It starts like a jet engine and runs like a powerboat. The boat has been in storage since 1999 and it may take some work to get it running. But that’s no problem, because you’re an airplane mechanic, right? This 1987 Talon 21 is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and it’s listed on eBay with an opening bid of $10,000.

1987 Talon 21 1
It looks a little like C3PO as a transformer, and this one-of-a-kind 1987 Talon 21 is packing an Allison turbine engine out of a Bell helicopter.
1987 Talon 21 2
The cockpit of this turbine-equipped Talon 21 has so many gauges it looks like a flight deck.

1958 Glastron Seaflite

The ’57 Bel Air has nothing on this 1958 Glastron Seaflite. It has fins for days. This thing is 17 feet of 50s cool, and it’s rare. Only 350 of these Seaflites were ever made. It needs some restoration work, but the seller doesn’t really say anything about the conditions of the boat. One this is for sure, it’s not going anywhere until you put a motor on it. It’s set up for an outboard, so you’ll have to find a nice old Mercury to mount out back once you get it all set up. This 1958 Glastron Seaflite will be a cool boat when it’s done, that’s for damn sure. It’s located in Whittier, California, and you can Buy It Now for $2,250.

1958 Glastron Seaflite 1
This 1958 Glastron Seaflite is cooler than a dreamsicle. It just needs a little work to heat up your summer.
1958 Glastron Seaflite 2
It’s a little dusty, and it’ll need a motor along with some other work, but this Glastron Seaflite is as cool as they come.

1968 Dixie Holman Moody ski boat

There aren’t too many Dixie ski boats around anymore. I’ve never even seen one. And this 1968 Dixie is a special Holman Moody edition. Not many of those around at all. It’s also the brownest ski boat you’ll ever see. Inside and out. It’s like a big wave of chocolate frosting coming at you. This 17-foot boat is all original with only 825 hours on the Holman Moody Ford 302. And the seller says it sounds great. The whole boat looks pretty clean, if you can deal with the overwhelming brown. This 1968 Dixie Holman Moody ski boat is located in Greer, South Carolina, and you can Buy It Now for $18,500.


1968 Dixie 1
It’s almost unexplainable brown, but this 1968 Dixie Holman Moody ski boat is ready to roar.
1968 Dixie 2
The interior on this Dixie is plenty brown, too, but it’s nice and clean.


1995 Craig Craft Porsche jet boat

How fantastic is this 1995 Craig Craft Porsche jet boat? The seller doesn’t provide anywhere near enough detail, but I think the pictures really speak for themselves. I’m not even sure if it’s factory made or some sort of strange – though well done – garage project, but it’s strange and wonderful. As much as the hull looks like a car, the interior is even more auto-like, right down to the center console and cup holders. This 1995 Craig Craft Porsche jet boat is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania,  and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $7,500. Where else are you going to get a Porsche for that price?

Craig Craft Porsche 4
This Craig Craft Porsche jet boat is all Porsche from the belly button up, and pure jet boat from the waist down.
Craig Craft Porsche 2
Yeah, it has a license plate. Doesn’t your boat?
Craig Craft Porsche 1
Racing seats, a center console, cup holders, this Craig Craft Porsche has all the comforts of your favorite sports car.

1931 Fay and Bowen

Here we have a very rare 1931 Fay and Bowen. Only about 200 of these boats were ever made. It reminds me of a house across the block from where I grew up. It was old and stately but it had a summer home feel, because it was, and the yard was ornately landscaped and meticulously cared for. The people came up for a few weeks every summer and stayed inside most of the time, and they brought their help. They kept a mint 1950s Thunderbird in the garage that I’d look at through the back windows in the alley. That house, those people, immediately come to mind when I look at this 1931 Fay and Bowen. It’s old and stately, and the 4-cylinder Lycoming flat-head was running smooth when it was last in the water eight years ago. It’s located in St. Louis, Missouri, and it’s listed on eBay with an opening bid of $6,000.

Fay & Bowen 1
This 1931 Fay and Bowen is a classic, stately boat. It’s perfect for the proper gentleman.
Fay & Bowen 2
Fay & Bowen’s are pretty rare, and this 1931 is in great condition.

1984 Century Coronado Cardel

This 1984 Century Coronado Cardel is a cool boat, but I feel like the seller may be stretching a bit when he calls it real a gentleman’s cruiser with timeless lines. Don’t get me wrong, 1984 was a great year, and the book was a masterpiece, but the’84 Coronado Cardel has an angular stern and a two-tone tan hull with similar-colored interior and nobody’s done that shit since the mid-80s. But while it may not be a true gentleman’s cruiser, it’s definitely the kind of cruiser your grandpa would have had in that era, if he was into nice boats. It can ski, it can cruise, it can anchor in the middle and serve as a damn fine party platform. The whole boat is in great condition, including the 454 Mercruiser. This 1984 Century Coronado Cardel is located in Cassopolis, Michigan, and you can Buy It Now for $12,000.

1984 Century Coronado 1
This 1984 Century Coronado Cardel is a very well built boat and it’s built to handle a variety of roles on the water …
1984 Century Coronado 2
… but the interior sort of has a 1970s small town beauty salon waiting area vibe. Enjoy,

1959 Dorsett Belmont

This peculiar little boat is a 1959 Dorsett Belmont. Hull shapes got pretty creative in the 50s and 60s, and this 14-foot fiberglass whip looks a little cartoonish, but it’s not too far out there. A good side view would be nice, but you can see enough to know it’s interesting. The seller has been working on a restoration, but he hasn’t gotten too far. Luckily it’s not a big boat. And all the original parts are accounted for, so with the work that’s already been done, you’ll have plenty to work with. And it won’t cost you much to make this 1959 Dorsett Belmont your Sunday cruiser.  It’s waiting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and it’s on eBay with an opening bid of $250.

Dorsett 1
This 1959 Dorsett Belmont looks a little bit like a duck, with its round, crossing body lines.
Dorsett 2
The restoration of this Dorsett has begun, but there’s still plenty to do. All the original parts are included.

1966 Glaspar G3

No restoration required on this completely original 1966 Glaspar G3. The seller has never left it in the water and won’t even use it if he has to trailer it somewhere. Those two facts seem at odds, unless he’s the world’s strongest man and is capable of carrying from its storage place to the water, but you get the point. It’s been well taken care of. If you can’t appreciate that, he doesn’t even want to sell it to you. This boat even has it’s original spark plugs. So you if you’re a Champion aficionado, this is the jackpot. This boat is 50 years old and it has less than 100 hours on it. And this Glasper G3 has some cool style, including that magnificent faux rope steering wheel. It’s up in New Milford, Connecticut. Be a baller. Buy It Now for $7,000. You’ve got more than that in your pocket.

1966 Glaspar 1
Glaspar G3s don’t come around often, and you’re probably never going to find one in better original condition than this 1966 model.
1966 Glaspar 2
This interior in this 1966 Glaspar G3 is all original, as is everything else in the boat, from the spark plugs to the upholstery.

1962 Chris Craft Cavalier

Attractive, solid, fast. It sounds like the seller of this 1962 Chris Craft Cavalier is talking about my next wife. But I hope she has less than 600 hours on her. That’s not bad for a boat, especially one born in 1962, but, well, you know what I’m saying. This boat has only had two owners, so its history is well documented. It’s definitely not the prettiest Chris Craft you’re going to find, and the interior looks like a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere, but wooden ski boats are cool. This one is so old school there’s not even a spotter’s seat. That’s when skiers were men. Hang onto the rope or don’t even bother getting in the water. This Chris Craft Cavalier is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, home of the Griffins, and you can Buy It Now for $5,999.

1962 Chris Craft Cavalier 1
Chris Craft apparently used up all its pleasing aesthetics on other boats in the 1962 model year, but this is still a cool old wooden ski boat.
1962 Chris Craft Cavalier 2
The interior of this Chris Craft is austere, like the interior of a base-level Plymouth, but it’s begging you for a second chance at life. Buy It. Ski behind it. Rejoice.