Analysis of Packaging Problems of Cosmetic Products

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Different grades of products can be packaged differently

So, how should we make our own characteristics in cosmetic product packaging? Based on years of experience in product application, long-term psychological research of consumers, combined with my own professional knowledge analysis, I think the most important thing is to select the appropriate materials and colors according to different grades.

As far as the products of professional academies are concerned, product positioning should generally be in accordance with three grades: low, medium, high and high. Put out personalized packaging. It is easier to be accepted by consumers with the promotion of color and package materials.

For example, for low-grade products, supplementary packaging can be introduced to make use of environmentally friendly recyclable materials. In the choice of color, you can use silver, white, pink and other light tones. The material can be made of plastic aluminium tin paper.

In the middle and high-grade products, the materials should be environmentally friendly glue, degradable glue or recycled paper. The color of kraft paper can be chosen, light color, white and so on. If we use environmentally friendly packaging, then the product appears to have a larger brand. Because of the support of plastic mouth infrared shell for environmental protection, it is very helpful to enhance the brand reputation.

Daily chemical products, more emphasis on terminal sales. Then, the packaging of products needs to be changed.

If the product is located in the middle and low grade, then the packaging is made of recycled glue or glass of transparent material. Transparent material will make the product transparent and visualized. This part of consumers needs intuitive consumption guidelines, so it can guide consumers' preconceived consumption psychology and make transactions easier.

If it is a medium-to-high-grade product, it needs to be made into a more mature packaging. These products can be made of ground glass or ceramics. The appearance has a hazy feeling. The color of this material is white, porcelain white, so that consumers feel that there is a grade, after buying the product will feel that the product is valuable.

And some super-high-grade products, there is another situation. Super-high-grade products, such as some high-tech products on the market, have strong quality specificity. Price will go to more than 1000 yuan, these products can be packaged with some materials with space effect. Such as vacuum or special packaging. The colours are gold and silver, and some paintings can be inlaid. The material is enamel, and cloisonne, crystal and so on. The packaging of these products can make consumers feel that it is a product of reliable quality. Although this is only a psychological hint, it is enough to show that packaging materials have indeed been used to such a high sense of value material, then it contains high-tech components, it will certainly be able to achieve better results.

The outer packing design should have Chinese characteristics and advanced consciousness.

Now many products in China are packaged, like head and signature. It used to be very popular abroad. Unfortunately, it is out of date now. In fact, the packaging of products should not only catch up with the trend, but also surpass the trend, and should focus on 50 years later. Now we know Chanel perfume, and other perfumes, which were designed decades ago, and now it seems that the same sense of the times is also leading the trend. For example, LANCOME (Lancome) has used roses as a symbol of their products from the very beginning. Now, just by looking at the roses on the package, we can see that its fragrance and its contents contain the essence of roses. This is worth learning from domestic enterprises.

In fact, what we need to do now is to guide consumption with consciousness, not just to strengthen consumption. For example, Anna Sui is a perfume brand in foreign countries for many years. Consumers can understand that it is a sweet perfume just by wrapping it. Its pink color series shows that as long as the brand of this perfume is used, it is a sweet girl.

Helena (HR) has a mascara, with a golden outer packaging, looks plump and slender, unforgettable. This kind of packaging can give consumers a psychological hint: as long as you use this product, you can get a slim and plump effect. At the same time, its quality can really achieve this effect. Consumers can create a sense of value by using such products.

Now some cosmetics containing Chinese medicine ingredients have been introduced on the market. The major disadvantage of these products is that the outer packing is used in a very foreign way. In fact, since we are using the quintessence of our country traditional Chinese medicine products, we should use the external packaging with Chinese characteristics. For example, red, bright yellow and dark blue can be boldly used in color.

Of course, many products are packed with Chinese characteristics. But many of them are due to improper color matching and fail packaging, and there is no lack of examples.

It is worth mentioning that I once went to Indonesia and saw a hand cream developed with native Indonesian herbs. What attracted me most at that time was its outer packaging: a small box made of vines, and a hard plastic inside. At first glance, it has a very local flavor, making people have the desire to collect.

In fact, China has thousands of years of accumulation of color and decoration, and many elements can be applied. Since the product comes from China, it should be


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