Looking at the Future Development Trend of Export Infrared Shell Packaging

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Looking at the Future Development Trend of Cosmetic Packaging

Mouth infrared shell should represent the forefront of fashion. Because of this, the outer packaging of color cosmetics products also reflects the trend everywhere. As the name card of cosmetics, packaging design can influence consumers' impression of products from the beginning, and play a decisive role in the process of product recognition. They use colorful and elegant colors, simple and elegant shapes, practical and popular materials to highlight different tastes.

Cosmetics in the packaging of intentions and promotion, so that all women get visual and use of double enjoyment. Many people are attracted by the color makeup because of the packaging. After buying, they find the good quality of the products, and then become loyal supporters. The author believes that if we can turn packaging into a brand of artworks, the R&D personnel will really care about our faces.

Future Development of Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging will usher in a high-tech and revolutionary era in the future. More new packaging concepts and materials will be used in the evolutionary cosmetic packaging design. Improving the scientific and technological components in packaging design will become the public's demand for packaging. Cosmetics packaging needs protection, functionality and decoration. Trinity is the future direction of cosmetic packaging.

First, fresh-keeping cosmetics will occupy a considerable market.

Because the manufacturer in order to meet customer needs, the production of preservative-free products. The manufacturer fills them in very small containers, which customers can use up at one time. For example, the essence of many brands uses this packaging method. The price of cosmetics is too high to be a mainstream product in the market, but it is a sign of future fashion and luxurious lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer group.

Development and Design of Green Packaging Materials

Many cosmetics manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection. Environmental considerations have also been added to the selection of cosmetics packaging materials to consider whether these materials can be recycled. This is in line with the growing awareness of environmental protection.

3. Multilayer Plastic Composite Technology

It allows multiple layers of different kinds of plastics to be combined and molded at one time. It can choose any imaginable color and design various containers. With multi-layer plastic forming technology, on the one hand, plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air, avoid oxidation of skin care products, on the other hand, through mixing different kinds of substances, it can obtain wonderful visual effect and unique feel in appearance, and improve the flexibility of hoses.

Fourthly, the rise of vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging protects skin care products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high resilience. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight its function, which is very important for less complex containers.

Fifth, plastic bottles still occupy an important position

The advantages of plastic containers have always been lightweight, strong and easy to produce. Through the efforts of chemists and plastics manufacturers, plastic products have acquired transparency that only glass had before. In addition, PETG can easily be dyed in various colors, and even after anti-UV treatment, transparency remains unchanged.


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