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1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back

This 1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back is one of the rarest and most unique Chris Crafts in existence.  In the nine years preceding Pearl Harbor, Chris Craft built just 62 of the 17-foot triple cockpit runabouts. Over those  production  years, this model got more expensive, more luxurious and  what became known  as the “barrel back”  stern  became more pronounced. It features a rare 85-horse Chris Craft 6 cylinder engine, which has been completely rebuilt. The boat only has 15 hours on it since its restoration. Unfortunately, it has a little damage, though it’s not extensive and is reportedly very fixable. But that’s good news for you because the price is way less than most barrel backs. This 1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back is located in Cedar, Minnesota, and you can Buy It Now for only $36,500.

1940 Chris Craft 1
You know you love the often-imitated but never duplicated Barrel Back, and this 1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back is calling your name.
1940 Chris Craft 2
This Chris Craft Barrel Back only has 15 hours on it since the full restoration, unfortunately it’s sustained a little damage, but that just means you can get it at a steal of a price.


1960 Carver runabout

Enjoy the water a little more with this 1960 Carver runabout. It was completely restored from the ground up in 2005.  The boat was taken apart and restored using all the original pieces for pattern. Some of the original wood was restored and the rest of the original pieces were used to pattern new pieces of mahogany.  It’s powered by an 80-horse 1970 Mercury outboard that’s only had six hours on it since it was rebuilt. The wood steering wheel came off a 1932 Chris Craft, but don’t be fooled, this isn’t a Chris Craft. Still. this 1960 Carver runabout is a nice boat and it’s practically brand new. It’s located in Portland, Oregon, and it’s listed on eBay with a starting bid of $7,000.

1960 Carver runabout 1
This 1960 Carver runabout is fully restored , top to bottom, inside and out, longitudinally and diagonally.
1960 Carver runabout 2
Yeah, that’s a Chris Craft steering wheel. It was part of the restoration on this Carver.

1954 AristoCraft Typhoon

Up for bids here we have 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon in perfect restored condition. It’s obviously an old boat, but everything in it and on it looks brand new. It’s only been in the water five times since its restoration. The hull is all original with all the original hardware, and the decks were replaced about 35 years ago. The motor is a great running little 1956 Mercury Mark 25. And the interior, is, well, beautiful if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan. It’s green and yellow, which you can see from about a mile away, and it’s plenty bright. But I like it. It makes this 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon look much less stodgy than some classic woodies. It looks like a boat you should go out and have fun in. This AristoCraft is currently located in Chelsea, Michigan, and it’s on eBay with a current bid of $2,081.

1954 AristoCraft Typhoon 1
This little 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon is only a 12-footer, but it’s built for fun and ready for the water.
1954 AristoCraft Typhoon 2
This AristoCraft Typhoon is fully restored and in perfect condition. Go Pack Go.

1946 Garwood Ensign

This 1946 Garwood Ensign is about as nice as an antique boat can be. It was completely restored in 2013. It has a new interior and the original Chrysler Ace engine has been rebuilt. This boat even won Best Inboard at the 2013 Madison Area Antique and Classic Boat Show, which is sort of like the Catalina Wine Mixer of Midwest antique boat shows. Luckily, you’re almost guaranteed to make your nut with his boat. The seller doesn’t give any more detail, but this Garwood Ensign is beautiful, inside and out. You can take it to the boat show, but you really should just launch it on your favorite lake and cruise. It’s located in Waunakee, Wisconsin, just a stone’s throw north of the Badger States capital city, and you can Buy It Now for $24,900.

1946 Garwood Ensign 1
This 1946 Garwood Ensign looks brand new. It was completely restored in 2013 and it deserves to be out on the water.
1946 Garwood Ensign 2
The interior on this Garwood in brand new. Climb in, get comfortable and cruise.

1931 Fay and Bowen

Here we have a very rare 1931 Fay and Bowen. Only about 200 of these boats were ever made. It reminds me of a house across the block from where I grew up. It was old and stately but it had a summer home feel, because it was, and the yard was ornately landscaped and meticulously cared for. The people came up for a few weeks every summer and stayed inside most of the time, and they brought their help. They kept a mint 1950s Thunderbird in the garage that I’d look at through the back windows in the alley. That house, those people, immediately come to mind when I look at this 1931 Fay and Bowen. It’s old and stately, and the 4-cylinder Lycoming flat-head was running smooth when it was last in the water eight years ago. It’s located in St. Louis, Missouri, and it’s listed on eBay with an opening bid of $6,000.

Fay & Bowen 1
This 1931 Fay and Bowen is a classic, stately boat. It’s perfect for the proper gentleman.
Fay & Bowen 2
Fay & Bowen’s are pretty rare, and this 1931 is in great condition.

1962 Chris Craft Cavalier

Attractive, solid, fast. It sounds like the seller of this 1962 Chris Craft Cavalier is talking about my next wife. But I hope she has less than 600 hours on her. That’s not bad for a boat, especially one born in 1962, but, well, you know what I’m saying. This boat has only had two owners, so its history is well documented. It’s definitely not the prettiest Chris Craft you’re going to find, and the interior looks like a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere, but wooden ski boats are cool. This one is so old school there’s not even a spotter’s seat. That’s when skiers were men. Hang onto the rope or don’t even bother getting in the water. This Chris Craft Cavalier is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, home of the Griffins, and you can Buy It Now for $5,999.

1962 Chris Craft Cavalier 1
Chris Craft apparently used up all its pleasing aesthetics on other boats in the 1962 model year, but this is still a cool old wooden ski boat.
1962 Chris Craft Cavalier 2
The interior of this Chris Craft is austere, like the interior of a base-level Plymouth, but it’s begging you for a second chance at life. Buy It. Ski behind it. Rejoice.

Crandall Super Flyer

This Crandall Super Flyer looks old, and more than a little bizarre, but it was built in 2012 following a ClassicWoodenBoatPlans design. It looks sort of like a motorized whiskey barrel, not exactly what Chris Craft had in mind with it’s classic barrel stern designs, but to each his own. It’s all mahogany and and it’s packing a 350 cubic inch Chevy engine with a Crusader Marine transmission, and Warner Velvet Drive. It might look more at home at the log ride of your local water park, but that doesn’t mean this Crandall Super Flyer isn’t ready for the lake. And that interior is fabulous with that tall chrome shifter. Looks like a five-speed with overdrive for highway cruising. If you’re into unique boats, this should make your head spin. This Crandall is in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and you can Buy It Now for $35,000.

Crandall Super Flyer 1
No, this isn’t the bottom of the boat. It’s a side view. And yes, this Crandall Super Flyer looks like a glossy root beer barrel.
Crandall Super Flyer 2
You wont find a boat cockpit that looks more like the interior of a classic british sports car than this Crandall Super Flyer. Shift into first gear and cruise the lake.


1959 MFG runabout

This 1959 MFG runabout is a veritable floating picnic. The vintage table cloth interior pays perfect complement to the orange and white hull. It makes me want to eat fried chicken under a tall oak. If you took the interior out of this boat, it would just like the lawn furniture my grandma had when I was a kid, which is really quite fitting considering my grandpa was a boat dealer. I can actually picture them in this 15-foot MFG. It has new paint, decals, carpet, upholstery, gas tank, battery and gas lines, and it’s only had two owners in 65 years. This MFG runabout is a time capsule. It’s located in Concord, North Carolina. Buy It Now for$3,250 and relive the 50s all over again.

Put on your best plaid golf slacks and take this 1959 MFG runabout for a ride. It’s in excellent condition and it’s ready for the water.
You’ll feel like you never left your backyard with the vintage lawn furniture interior on this MFG runabout.

1964 Rockholt

I was going to write up an unusual little jet boat this morning, but then I saw this fully restored 1964 Rockholt. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the jet boat. Now it’s time to feast your eyes on this beautiful two-tone Rockholt hull. The two-tone mahogany continues inside, and it looks brilliant against the all white upholstery. It’s one of the coolest boat interiors we’ve featured. The red-toned mahogany looks like the body of a fine instrument. Everything on this Rockholt has been redone, including the Chrysler engine. If you can get past “The Rock” in giant block letters across the stern, there’s nothing not to like about this 1964 Rockholt. It’s located in Sacramento, California, and you can Buy It Now for $16,500.

Rockholt 1
Everything about this fully restored 1964 Rockholt jumps out at you. It’s hard to take your eyes off it.
Rockholt 2
The red and honey wood tones really stand out against the white upholstery and stern. Everything on this boat is fully restored.

1958 Wagemaker Wolverine

You don’t have to worry about the emotional state of this 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine. It’s in unmolested condition. It’s nearly a 60-year-old boat, so you can bet she’s been around the lake a time or two, but this Wolverine was begging to be driven. At this point, we don’t know if she still purrs. It’s been in storage for the past 25 years, but the 35-horse Evinrude Lark was allegedly running fine when this boat was last pulled out of Houghton Lake up in Northern Michigan. You know, da U.P., eh? Them are honest folk up there, so she’ll probably be good to go with new plugs and fresh fuel. This 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine – appropriate name for Michigan – has moved from Lake Houghton to Millington, but it’s on eBay now with an opening bid of $4,000.

Wagemaker Wolverine 1
Give this 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine some love. It needs some work, but it’s all original.
Wagemaker Wolverine 2
It’s worn and faded, but there’s still a lot to love about this Wagemaker Wolverine.