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1962 Aristocraft Funliner

This 1962 Aristocraft Funliner is a seafoam dream. This boat is al original and it’s in excellent condition. The 1961 Mercury 800 outboard has been completely gone through by professional mechanic and fires on the first try every time. Everything has been inspected and checked over, and it’s ready for regular use. More than anything, this boat has style. The tail fins. The hardtop. That cool curved windshield. And that tall white Mercury delivering the power and providing aesthetic compliment to the design and color of this 1962 Aristocraft Funliner. It’s located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and it’s listed on eBay with a starting bid of $5,000.


11962 Aristocraft Funliner  1
Everything about this 1962 Aristocraft Funliner is cool, fro the windshield to the tail fins.
1962 Aristocraft Funliner  2
It’s seafoam green and it’s nice and clean. This 1962 Aristocraft Funliner is ready for the water.

1960 Carver runabout

Enjoy the water a little more with this 1960 Carver runabout. It was completely restored from the ground up in 2005.  The boat was taken apart and restored using all the original pieces for pattern. Some of the original wood was restored and the rest of the original pieces were used to pattern new pieces of mahogany.  It’s powered by an 80-horse 1970 Mercury outboard that’s only had six hours on it since it was rebuilt. The wood steering wheel came off a 1932 Chris Craft, but don’t be fooled, this isn’t a Chris Craft. Still. this 1960 Carver runabout is a nice boat and it’s practically brand new. It’s located in Portland, Oregon, and it’s listed on eBay with a starting bid of $7,000.

1960 Carver runabout 1
This 1960 Carver runabout is fully restored , top to bottom, inside and out, longitudinally and diagonally.
1960 Carver runabout 2
Yeah, that’s a Chris Craft steering wheel. It was part of the restoration on this Carver.

1990 Elite Craft Rivera

There’s something really cool about owning an original, but this 1990 Elite Craft Rivera has all the style of any vintage Chris Craft, and it’s a lot newer. If you want a boat for everyday use, it’s also nicer. I love the hull design, with convex sides at the bow rolling over to the top at the stern. It gives this Elite Craft a great profile in the water. Oh, and it’s not wood. This is a 20-foot fiberglass boat with a GM 350 Ram Jet fuel injected engine with less than 20 hours on it. It’s a throwback, but this 1990 Elite Craft Rivera is packing plenty of modern comfort and performance. It’s located in Salisbury, North Carolina, and you can Buy It Now for $32,500.

1990 Elite Craft Rivera 1
It’s got the classic look, but this fiberglass Elite Craft is a modern boat with modern comfort and performance.
1990 Elite Craft Rivera 2
This 20-foot Elite Craft Rivera borrows plenty from the Chris Craft Riveras of old, but it’s much newer.

1960 Glasscraft with Flying Scott Motor

Here’s an interesting little 16-foot fiberglass runabout. It’s a 1960 Glasscraft with a 60-horse Flying Scott motor. The boat isn’t kitschy or heavily stylized like a lot of 50s and 60s fiberglass boats, but it still has some vintage style. The boat is clean, the chrome is shiny and the motor runs well. The original sparkly upholstery has some wear (obviously) but it’s still in good condition. The original manuals are even included. You could dress it up a little or take it out on the water as is. This 1960 Glasscraft is located in Gurnee, Illinois, and you can Buy It Now for $3,499.

1960 Glasscraft 1
This 1960 Glasscraft is all original and it’s ready for the water.
1960 Glasscraft 2
Two seats up front and two corner booth in the back. And that turquoise naugahyde. This boat has zazz.

1946 Garwood Ensign

This 1946 Garwood Ensign is about as nice as an antique boat can be. It was completely restored in 2013. It has a new interior and the original Chrysler Ace engine has been rebuilt. This boat even won Best Inboard at the 2013 Madison Area Antique and Classic Boat Show, which is sort of like the Catalina Wine Mixer of Midwest antique boat shows. Luckily, you’re almost guaranteed to make your nut with his boat. The seller doesn’t give any more detail, but this Garwood Ensign is beautiful, inside and out. You can take it to the boat show, but you really should just launch it on your favorite lake and cruise. It’s located in Waunakee, Wisconsin, just a stone’s throw north of the Badger States capital city, and you can Buy It Now for $24,900.

1946 Garwood Ensign 1
This 1946 Garwood Ensign looks brand new. It was completely restored in 2013 and it deserves to be out on the water.
1946 Garwood Ensign 2
The interior on this Garwood in brand new. Climb in, get comfortable and cruise.

1962 Red Fish Shark

One fish, two fish, Red Fish Shark. It’s a 1962 Red Fish Shark. This Shark looks a lot like the 1958 Glastron Seaflite we posted a few days ago, with the fins and a similar side profile, but the Red Fish has a much better bow lines. The bow and the deep blue/black color give the boat its menacing – in a kitschy sort of way – shark vibe. The boat underwent a home restoration a few years ago and is clean inside and out. The Mercury 500 might needs a tune-up, but this is a nice complete boat that epitomizes its era. This 1962 Red Fish Shark is located in Chariton, Iowa, where the corn grows tall. Buy It Now for $3,800.

1962 Red Fish Shark 1
Seven feet of fins, thats what you’ll get with this 1962 Red Fish Shark.
1962 Red Fish Shark 2
You can almost hear the Jaws theme when you look at the front of this Shark.

1958 Glastron Seaflite

The ’57 Bel Air has nothing on this 1958 Glastron Seaflite. It has fins for days. This thing is 17 feet of 50s cool, and it’s rare. Only 350 of these Seaflites were ever made. It needs some restoration work, but the seller doesn’t really say anything about the conditions of the boat. One this is for sure, it’s not going anywhere until you put a motor on it. It’s set up for an outboard, so you’ll have to find a nice old Mercury to mount out back once you get it all set up. This 1958 Glastron Seaflite will be a cool boat when it’s done, that’s for damn sure. It’s located in Whittier, California, and you can Buy It Now for $2,250.

1958 Glastron Seaflite 1
This 1958 Glastron Seaflite is cooler than a dreamsicle. It just needs a little work to heat up your summer.
1958 Glastron Seaflite 2
It’s a little dusty, and it’ll need a motor along with some other work, but this Glastron Seaflite is as cool as they come.

1931 Fay and Bowen

Here we have a very rare 1931 Fay and Bowen. Only about 200 of these boats were ever made. It reminds me of a house across the block from where I grew up. It was old and stately but it had a summer home feel, because it was, and the yard was ornately landscaped and meticulously cared for. The people came up for a few weeks every summer and stayed inside most of the time, and they brought their help. They kept a mint 1950s Thunderbird in the garage that I’d look at through the back windows in the alley. That house, those people, immediately come to mind when I look at this 1931 Fay and Bowen. It’s old and stately, and the 4-cylinder Lycoming flat-head was running smooth when it was last in the water eight years ago. It’s located in St. Louis, Missouri, and it’s listed on eBay with an opening bid of $6,000.

Fay & Bowen 1
This 1931 Fay and Bowen is a classic, stately boat. It’s perfect for the proper gentleman.
Fay & Bowen 2
Fay & Bowen’s are pretty rare, and this 1931 is in great condition.

1959 Dorsett Belmont

This peculiar little boat is a 1959 Dorsett Belmont. Hull shapes got pretty creative in the 50s and 60s, and this 14-foot fiberglass whip looks a little cartoonish, but it’s not too far out there. A good side view would be nice, but you can see enough to know it’s interesting. The seller has been working on a restoration, but he hasn’t gotten too far. Luckily it’s not a big boat. And all the original parts are accounted for, so with the work that’s already been done, you’ll have plenty to work with. And it won’t cost you much to make this 1959 Dorsett Belmont your Sunday cruiser.  It’s waiting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and it’s on eBay with an opening bid of $250.

Dorsett 1
This 1959 Dorsett Belmont looks a little bit like a duck, with its round, crossing body lines.
Dorsett 2
The restoration of this Dorsett has begun, but there’s still plenty to do. All the original parts are included.

1966 Glaspar G3

No restoration required on this completely original 1966 Glaspar G3. The seller has never left it in the water and won’t even use it if he has to trailer it somewhere. Those two facts seem at odds, unless he’s the world’s strongest man and is capable of carrying from its storage place to the water, but you get the point. It’s been well taken care of. If you can’t appreciate that, he doesn’t even want to sell it to you. This boat even has it’s original spark plugs. So you if you’re a Champion aficionado, this is the jackpot. This boat is 50 years old and it has less than 100 hours on it. And this Glasper G3 has some cool style, including that magnificent faux rope steering wheel. It’s up in New Milford, Connecticut. Be a baller. Buy It Now for $7,000. You’ve got more than that in your pocket.

1966 Glaspar 1
Glaspar G3s don’t come around often, and you’re probably never going to find one in better original condition than this 1966 model.
1966 Glaspar 2
This interior in this 1966 Glaspar G3 is all original, as is everything else in the boat, from the spark plugs to the upholstery.