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1978 Hydrodyne Tournament Skier

I’ve rambled about my love for the true classic ski boats many times. Nautiques and Master Crafts are fabulous boats with function and style. Hydrodyne largely cut out the style part and built boats that served no function what-so-ever other then pulling skiers, and this 1978 Hydrodyne Tournament Skier is no exception. My local water ski show always had a Hydrodyne. It did all the heavy lifting. These boats would pull your house up if you could put skis under under. It has two seats and the biggest rearview mirror you’ll ever see in a boat. That’s about it. And if you’re serious about skiing – maybe you’ve always wanted to form your own pyramid on your local lake – those are the only features you need. This classic Hydrodyne Tournament Skier is located in Houston, Texas, and you can Buy It Now for $3,400.

Hydrodyne 1
Find some pretty girls and build a pyramid on your local lake. This 1978 Hydrodyne Tournament Skier was built for nothing more than pulling skiers.
Hydrodyne 2
Two seats and a giant rearview mirror are all the interior of this Hydrodyne needs to be a water ski workhorse.

1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

Old Correct Crafts are such smooth, clean purpose-built boats. They were made to pull water skiers, and this 1968 Ski Nautique will still do it quite well. No flash on the outside. No giant tower with wake boards hanging off it. No comic book graphics. No ballast system. It’s classic, understated, and built to ski. It was updated with a new interior a few years ago. The red carpet is a nice complement to the white hull and upholstery and all the fresh chrome. The original Chrysler 318 is running fine and this 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is ready to go. It’s located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, and you can Buy It Now for for only $7,500. But you’ll have to beat me to it.

1968 Ski Nautique 1
The interior on this 1968 Ski Nautique is as nice as most new boats. The whole boat is as nice as most new boats.
1968 Ski Nautique 2
This 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is clean, simple, and ready for all the water skiing you can handle.

1972 Correct Craft Holman Moody Mustang

This 1972 Correct Craft  Mustang is a total restoration project, but if you’re into ski boats, this Mustang would be a damn cool boat to restore. The 17-footer has its original Ford Holman Moody 302 and Borg Warner Velvet Drive Transmission. The engine and transmission were working fine when when it was last used, but the boat has been left outside under a tarp, forgotten and neglected for far too long. It’s going to take some work, but that Holman Moody will roar when the work is done. The old Correct Crafts are getting more and more collectible, and this Mustang deserves to be restored to her original glory. It’s located in Johnson City, Tennessee, so rock me mama like a wagon wheel, and buy this Mustang. The opening bid is only $500.

Correct Craft Mustang 1
This 1972 Holman Moody-equipped Correct Craft Mustang is in need of a full restoration, but please keep the original color. You can name her Tangerine Dream. Or Creamsicle. Or Circus Peanut.
Correct Craft Mustang 2
It has a cool instrument panel and everything on this Correct Craft Mustang is original.

1982 Ski Centurion Trutrac

This 1982 Ski Centurion Trutrac is a classic ski boat, and it’s the kind of boat you notice instantly. You just don’t see that color combo today. This is the first competition ski boat made by Centurion for the 1982 model year, built specially made for the San Francisco-Oakland International Boat Show in September of 1981.  The paint job is one of a kind and all of the insignia is hand painted.  Everything in this Ski Centurion is in great shape, including the original Ford 351 V8. Even better, this is a one-owner boat. It’s located in Copperopolis, California. which is a good name for this color scheme. Copperopolis. Buy It Now for $9,750.

Ski Centurion 1
Copperopolis isn’t the name of the paint scheme on this 1982 Ski Centurion, it’s the city where it’s located.
Ski Centurion 2
Beige on light brown on brown on dark brown, that’s the interior scheme Ski Centurion chose for this 1982 Trutrac, the first boat the company produced for that model year.


2015 Centurion Enzo FS44

This isn’t the typical boat we feature, in any way. This 2015 Centurion Enzo FS44 is a pretty amazing ski boat, and it should be for almost $120,000. It has everything, and everything is beautiful, but the mere fact you can pay this much for a ski boat is sort of mind boggling. For the price of this Centurion Enzo, you can buy two dozen 1988 Ski Nautique 2001s, and those are pretty capable ski boats in their own right. The Enzo FS44 is like a floating dance club for extreme sports enthusiasts. This brand new Centurion Enzo FS44 is located in Red Wing, Minnesota, a hearty Midwest town built on the shores of the Mighty Mississippi.  Buy It Now for $116,190.

Centurion 1
I would think someone trying to sell a $116,000 boat could take a better photo than this dimly lit bad angle garage shot, but I guess a boat like this Centurion Enzo FS44 sells itself.
Centurion 2
There isn’t a ski boat with a nicer interior than this Centurion Enzo. Whether you want to take your friends wake boarding or host a rave, this boat is properly equipped.

Five Great Starter Skis

Water skiing is one of those things that gets harder to learn as you get older, so start your kids off right. Give them an opportunity to learn and appreciate one of the greatest pleasures on water. These starter skis are all great option to get your kids up behind the boat.

OBrien AllStars

O’Brien All-Star Trainers Junior Combo Water Skis
O’Brien has been making good skis for a long time, and these 48-inch trainers are perfect for the smallest members of your family ski team. The hardest thing for most kids to learn is keeping their skis together. That problem is solved with these O’Brien All-Star Trainers. They feature a front stabilizer bar and another flexible connecter in back. They fit skiers up to 80 pounds. Trainer rope included. Get your kids started on a pair of O’Brien All-Star Trainers for just $139.

full throttle trainers

Full Throttle Kids Junior Shaped Skis
Bigger kids or even tiny adult humans will do well on these Full Throttle Kids Junior Shaped Skis. They’re 54 inches and rated for up to 140 pounds, and once your new skier gets the hang of it, you can take off those stabilizers and have a regular pair of skis. That’s a pretty good value for only $159.99.

OBrien Platform

O’Brien Platform Eco Trainers Junior Combo Water Skis
If your newest skier in training is especially young or small, these O’Brien Platform Eco Trainers are a good way to go. There’s no worry about skis spreading, crossing or even wobbling with these Eco Trainers. If you kid knows how to stand up, you can teach him or her to skis on these O’Brien Platform Eco Trainers. You can get them for just under $135 on Amazon.

HO SureShot

2014 HO Sure Shot Platform Trainer
I like HO Skis. That’s what I use. My slalom ski doesn’t look much like this HO Sure Shot, but you wouldn’t want to teach your kids on a slalom ski. I like the solid connection between these skis, in a more natural mid-ski position rather than connected at the toes. Another nice thing about the HO Sure Shot is the price – only $106.24.


Airhead AHEZ-100 EZ Ski Trainer Inflatable Tube
It’s sort of hard to even consider this Airhead AHEZ-100 EZ Ski Trainer Inflatable Tube to be a pair of skis, but it has skis built in, and it’ll eliminate any intimidation factor. It’s basically a tube they can stand up in, which is a great way for the timid or really young to get a foot in the binding, so to speak. It’s rated for up to 70 pounds and you can pick it up for only $124.22.

1965 Keaton Utility Comp Ski Boat

Talk about a classic skier. Keatons were handmade in Sacramento, California, and this 1965 Keaton Utility Comp Ski Boat is a smooth, simple, purpose-built boat. It’s made to pull water skiers. Good water skiers. Use it to teach your kids? Sure. But if you’re not a kid, you better look good hanging onto that rope, effortlessly slicing symmetrical arcs through the wake. And no wake boarding. Not behind a 65 Keaton. This boat was made for long slalom runs in the calm water just before dusk. Classic water skiing. And it’s not just nostalgia. If you want an inexpensive boat that looks cool, drives great and pulls like a dream, get your ass up to Oroville, California, and buy this Keaton Utility Comp. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $5,500.

Keaton 1
This 1965 Keaton Utility Comp Ski Boat was built so perfectly 50 years ago that it still looks like a boat I want to ski behind today.
Keaton 2
This classic Keaton was built to pull water skiers. Nothing else. Google it.

1985 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Powerslot Competition Ski Boat

This 1985 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Powerslot Competition Ski Boat is one of the coolest ski boat from the 80s – a well designed boat that handles perfectly and is a joy to ski behind. Unfortunately, this one looks like it spent the past 20 years being trailered around Oklahoma from one tornado to the next. It is it’s own disaster. But the 351 Ford V8 has been completely gone over with a bunch of new parts and a rebuilt Holley carburetor. The seller says with an “interior and a some details” this classic Mastercraft could be a showpiece. That might be a stretch, but it could still be a great ski boat. It’s located in Fort Myers, Florida, but thankfully it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $2,000, so you can buy it and take it somewhere much better.

Mastercraft exterior
From the outside, this Stars and Stripes edition Mastercraft Competition Ski Boat still looks like one of the coolest boats of the 80s.
Mastercraft interior
On the inside, this Mastercraft looks like a victim of repeated natural disasters, but carpet and upholstery are easy to replace.


1978 Westerner Tri Hull Ski Boat

There are a few things about this 1978 Westerner Tri Hull Ski Boat listing that stand out.  The first is that it’s a tri-hull ski boat. The second is the picture of the interior. The seller notes that the seats are dry and cracked, but there’s so much other shit piled up in this boat you probably won’t even notice. There’s a spare tire and a nice carpet remnant, and what may or may not be a body wrapped up in a sheet between the front seats. The third magnificent element in this listing is the fact that it notes the bilge pump is strong. I have a feeling that might actually end up being pretty important. I also really appreciate the seller’s bold choice to frame every photo vertically. Most people would opt to mix in a standard horizontal shot or two, but av3ng3d tells a different story with his lens. Now it’s time for you to write your own chapter in this Westerner Tri Hull. It’s on eBay with — I saved the best for last — an opening bid of $.01. Yes, 1 U.S. cent.

Westerner Tri Hull interior
The interior of this Westerner Tri Hul is so comical it almost has to be staged. I like the seller’s style.
Westerner Tri Hull
Here’s a nice vertical shot of part of a Westerner Tri Hull ski boat. You can buy it for one penny.


1971 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

Cant decide if you want a muscle car or a ski boat? Why choose? This 1971 Holman Moody-equipped Ski Nautique will scratch both itches. The motor was rebuilt a couple years ago, and with the through-hull exhaust, it produces a rumble that rivals anything on two axles. It has a newer floor along with newer carpet and vinyl. The gel coat even has a nice shine. You don’t see many 45-year-old ski boats that look like this, and the old Nautiques throw a wake that costs $80,000 today. All in all, not a bad deal. It’s located in Holland, Michigan, which isn’t too far from me, so you’ll have to strap on your wood shoes and beat me to it. Bidding currently stands at $2,000.

71 Nautique interior
The interior on this 1971 Ski Nautique has been redone and it’s ready for a summer of fun. Are you?
71 Nautique
Don’t let the baby blue fool you. The Holman Moody 351 Ford makes this 1971 Ski Nautique growl.