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Personal Submarine

Be the first person on your block to own a submarine. Yes, a submarine. But you won’t be patrolling the Persian Gulf in this sub. You might not even be able to maintain order in your backyard pool with this homemade submersible. All we really know is that it was a functioning submarine when it was built. Not even sure how old it is, but it’s probably 30 or 40 years, but it’s been sitting in the second owners yard as a “conversation piece” for the last 25 years. I can only imagine those conversations.

“Hey Bill, what the hell is this?”
“Oh, that’s my homemade submarine.”
“No shit, and you’re still alive?”

Anyway, regardless of condition and unknown origin, this is a pretty cool deal, and you can be sure no one else will have one. This one-man sub is located in Lancaster, California, and it’s listed on eBay with an opening bid of $200. Go Team Zissou.

Personal Submarine 1
It sort of looks like the builder of this homemade submarine started out with a Volkswagon Thing and just started pruning it down from there, but it’s definitely an eye-catching design.
Personal Submarine 2
It’s hard to accurately rate the condition of the interior on this submarine because we don’t have a lot of other homemade submarines to compare against. It needs some work, but come on, it’s a submarine.

1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond

I’ve flown on airplanes with less rivets than this 1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond. It was an all-aluminum boat of the future in the 50s, a comic book come to life. It’s still all-aluminum today, but the future has passed it by. And the seller isn’t into comic books so much as the beat culture. His stream of consciousness description of this Feather Craft captures the genre as well as Kerouac could have ever hoped: “boat is in great shape for the age has zero leaks runs and drives great could use a crab cleaning does not like to ideal real well but once your going runs fine has electric trim all lights work and its up to code with all the safety equipment these boats are pretty rare and hard to find well in michigan anyway.” Indeed. This 1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond is begging you to take it out on the open water and write your own adventure. The journey begins in Fremont, Michigan, where your Feather Craft Vega Bond is listed on eBay with a current bid $3,500.

Feather Craft Vega Bond 1
This 1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond is an all-aluminum vision of the future, from the past.
Feather Craft Vega Bond 2
You’ll own the water when you climb into the plush aluminum interior on this Feather Craft Vega Bond. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

1958 Aluma Craft Flying D aluminum runabout

This classic 1958 Aluma Craft Flying D aluminum runabout is so clean and simple there isn’t much to say. The shiny aluminum hull is well designed and in great condition. The red and white vinyl seats are in great shape, too. It comes with a 15-horse Nissan four stroke outboard with low hours, but the part of you that loves the idea of a owning this American classic should hate being powered by a Nissan. It’s located in Waupaca, Wisconsin, and frankly any good Wisconsinite should know better than to put a modern Nissan outboard on a boat like this. Buy It Now for $3,500, sell the Nissan to someone from Illinois, and put a vintage Mercury or Evinrude on the back of this Aluma Craft.

AlumaCraft 1
This 1958 Aluma Craft Flying D aluminum runabout is 50s all the way. It’s the American Dream hammered out in shiny aluminum.
AlumaCraft 2
The steering wheel and the seat cushions are about the only things on this 1958 Aluma Craft that aren’t aluminum.

Welded Aluminum Catamaran

It’s 2019. Martial law has been declared across the Great Lakes States. Warring factions from Minnesota and Ohio are cutting off smoked fish and maple syrup trade routes, and terrorizing pleasure boaters on Lake Michigan and the big lake they call Gitche Gumee. You and your small band of rebels must protect your seaside enclave and the virtues of its innocent women. Enter the catamaran of doom, a 38-foot all-aluminum vessel of intimidation. You’ll need to put an engine in it before you start dispensing vigilante justice, but you’re resourceful, and your womenfolk are depending on you. The seller doesn’t name the boat’s maker, but based on its imposing figure and stealthy lines, it appears to be either a Lockheed or Northrop Grumman. It’s located on deep within the lawless zone in Ironwood, Michigan. The seller has it on CraigsList for $13,000. That’s a small price for the survival of your people.


catamaran front
This welded aluminum catamaran will serve you well in battle. Buy it, and rule the high seas.
catamaran side
I know what you’re thinking: “What the hell is that?” It’s a 38-foot aluminum catamaran, and it’s your future.

1948 FeatherCraft runabout

Imagine owning a 1948 FeatherCraft runabout used by high-profile Chicago mobsters to reach an island hideout in Wisconsin’s Great Northwoods. Well, this boat isn’t it, but it does have a bullet hole, and once you climb in you’ll be able to imagine eluding the feds as you speed along a remote shore lined with virgin hemlocks and pines casting their haunted shadows over the water. In fact, imagination will be key when it comes to speeding along in this boat, since it has no motor. It has nothing, really, except the graceful, sweeping lines that tie bow to stern. The seller says this 12-foot, all-original piece of aluminum is in “unmolested” condition. I’m not sure if molestation was common with these craft, but I’ll leave that to the proper authorities. This boat is austere — no motor, controls, upholstery or anything else — but it does reflect some beautiful aluminum work and it has that cool feather badge on the side of the bow. The seller is way up in da U.P. of Michigan, but he can store it for a while if you can’t get up there right away. So before you head up to God’s Country, jump over to eBay where the current bid on this 1948 FeatherCraft runabout is $995.

1948 FeatherCraft runabout
This all-aluminum FeatherCraft runabout hull has classic, sweeping lines that will draw attention from all the dames.
1948 FeatherCraft runabout brochure
Pleasure, Speed and Fun … I can’t say it any better than this FeatherCraft brochure.


1954 Crestliner Aluminum Runabout

This little aluminum Crestliner is a complete vintage package, boat, motor and trailer. This boat maintains some nice original details – like the Crestliner decal and seat pinstriping. Rigged with a matching 1954 Johnson Sea Horse 25hp outboard and matching controls. The boat comes on a nice little restored trailer. Currently at $760 on eBay with the reserve not met in Sacramento, California.

1954 Crestliner Vintage Aluminum Runabout
Manufactured by Larson in Little Falls, Minnesota, this little Crestliner is a dandy boat show ride.
Vintage Johnson Sea Horse Outboard
This vintage Crestliner has a Johnson 25hp Sea Horse outboard with matching controls.

1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II Aluminum Barrel Back

A polished aluminum barrel back boat. Kinda of like polishing an old rock – you can sell almost anything when it’s shiny. This 1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II wouldn’t get a second look if not for its very sexy barrel back behind. Powered by a much newer mid-80s model Mercury outboard, this little tin can would look good at any vintage boat show with an outboard closer to its birthday. Regardless, the boat appears to be in very nice condition with newly upholstered seats, a functional trailer and that sexy booty. Find it ending soon on eBay in Beeton, Ontario currently at $2,150 with the reserve not met.

1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II Aluminum Barrel Back
Were you just looking at my ass? Pervert. Keep your eyes off my back end.
1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II
This is about as cool as any vintage aluminum boat can get – meet the 1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II.
1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II
The photographically-challenged seller only offers one picture of the boat without a cover on. Unfortunately this was it.